5 Products to Enhance Naturally Gray Hair

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From ThisThatBeauty.com   So, it’s getting real. It started out with a lonely silver straggler (which you promptly yanked out), progressed to a smattering of silver hairs (which you also yanked out, one by painful one) and just like that, … Read More

Current Obsession: Probiotic Skincare

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From ThisThatBeauty.com   Probiotics are typically found in yogurt or supplements and can quiet irritated bellies and prevent digestive issues.  Guess what? When applied topically, this “good bacteria” soothes redness, calms irritation and makes angry, inflamed skin happy again.  Need … Read More

Save Face in the Sun – Stay protected with 11 go-to SPF cosmetics

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It’s important to wear SPF year-round, but in the summer—when you’re spending more time outdoors than indoors—protection is a must. Choosing an SPF for your face is tricky business, though. There are so many factors (zing!) to consider. What sunscreen … Read More