Halloween Home Mani – Take a Walk on the Spooky Side

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I haven’t worn a Halloween costume since I was a tween but I am not a complete Halloween Grinch. My 9-year old daughter is obsessed with the holiday, so my job is to joyfully do her bidding in our annual … Read More

Woosh Beauty – The Brainchild of Two Girlfriends

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We’ve all had those moments when we wished we had beauty products that suited us perfectly. But while most of us spend our lives searching, TV commentator and “professional girlfriend” Bobbie Thomas and philanthropist Andrea DeVos Abraham took the bull … Read More

Helpful Tools That Parents & Kids Will Love

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Typically, you have no use for your kid’s belongings. But there are products out there that can benefit both of you and lead to shared fun. I found nine such items that you’re going to love because they all help your child in some … Read More

Fake the Glow — 6 Products for Beautiful Bronze Skin

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After such a steamy summer, everyone I know was clamoring for sweater weather.  Sadly, with chillier temps comes pasty skin for many of us. If you’re among the hordes who feel lackluster after your summer glow fades, it’s time to … Read More