SPF All Day, Every Day

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Sunscreens are not only for the beach. We should wear them all day, every day, especially in summer when we spend a lot more time outdoors. Thankfully, sunscreens come in many forms, from liquids to sprays, and in almost every category, … Read More

Beauty Secrets – Laura Geller

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This week’s muse is entrepreneur, Laura Geller. This cosmetics maven and QVC phenom doesn’t need much of an intro, but here goes.  She fell in love with beauty very young and became a sought-after makeup artist for celebrities and the theater. … Read More

Beauty Secrets – Cozy Friedman

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This week’s muse is author and entrepreneur, Cozy Friedman. In 1992, after hearing about a little boy’s bad experience getting his haircut at an adult salon, Cozy realized that there was a need for fun salons where kids could enjoy getting their … Read More

Beauty Secrets – Tia Williams

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Beauty Secrets is where you can learn about the beauty-full inner workings of women who are moving and shaking in their world, whether it be beauty, personal finance or somewhere in between. This week’s muse is Tia Williams, whom I met years … Read More