6 Tricks Retailers Use to Encourage You to Spend More – USNews.com

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How is it that you can visit two different stores with the same shopping list and end up spending more in one? One big reason: Some retailers use subtle “tricks” to encourage you to spend, without your even knowing it’s … Read More

Beauty Secrets – Jody Rohlena

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This week’s muse is my smart shopping comrade, Jody Rohlena. Jody has worked as a magazine editor for the past two decades. We met when she was Deputy Editor at the now (sadly) defunct ShopSmart magazine, a monthly guide to savvy shopping published … Read More

12 IKEA Shopping Hacks – Credit.com

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There’s something thrilling about going to Ikea. The big blue and yellow sign, the smell of Swedish meatballs and cinnamon buns in the air, and the dizzying amount of merchandise are enough to make your head spin. Everything looks amazing … Read More

Beauty Secrets – Rebecca Restrepo

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This week’s muse is celebrity makeup artist extraordinaire, Rebecca Restrepo. Rebecca is a native New Yorker of Colombian descent whose heritage influenced her love of beauty and art. Watching old movies with glamorous and powerful women like Marlena Dietrich when … Read More

Beauty Secrets – Lianne Farbes

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This week’s muse is beauty guru, Lianne Farbes. Lianne has been in the beauty biz for almost three decades (although, you would never know it by looking at her!). She is a beauty writer, professional makeup artist, brand consultant and founder … Read More

5 Ways to Make a Tiny Kitchen Feel Bigger

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We can’t all have a sprawling kitchen with ample storage for all our stuff and yards of counter space for prepping those elaborate meals we drool over in cooking magazines. If you have a kitchen that is not as well-appointed as … Read More

14 Amazon Shopping Hacks

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Almost everyone knows what Amazon is, even if they don’t shop online. The company has achieved enviable brand recognition and become the go-to site for online shoppers. If you are an Amazon shopper, you may think you know all there is … Read More

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