National Coupon Month – To Coupon or Not To Coupon?

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September is National Coupon Month, and while that might mean a month-long bacchanal to extreme couponers, the average shopper probably doesn’t care very much. But everyone likes to save, right? According to NCH Marketing Services, consumers saved 3.6 billion dollars … Read More

What is Micellar Water… and is it worth the hype?

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From   I like to keep things simple in my beauty routine, so when I heard about multi-functional Micellar Water, I had to investigate. Micellar Water is new to the US, at least in broad distribution, but it turns … Read More

5 Products to Enhance Naturally Gray Hair

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From   So, it’s getting real. It started out with a lonely silver straggler (which you promptly yanked out), progressed to a smattering of silver hairs (which you also yanked out, one by painful one) and just like that, … Read More

Current Obsession: Probiotic Skincare

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From   Probiotics are typically found in yogurt or supplements and can quiet irritated bellies and prevent digestive issues.  Guess what? When applied topically, this “good bacteria” soothes redness, calms irritation and makes angry, inflamed skin happy again.  Need … Read More

Save Face in the Sun – Stay protected with 11 go-to SPF cosmetics

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It’s important to wear SPF year-round, but in the summer—when you’re spending more time outdoors than indoors—protection is a must. Choosing an SPF for your face is tricky business, though. There are so many factors (zing!) to consider. What sunscreen … Read More

The World Is Your Office – Telecommuters Share Their Favorite On-the-Go Essentials

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Look around any coffee shop, and you’ll see a handful of lone wolves tapping away at their computers while milking a cup of coffee. I should know—I’m often one of them. I telecommute, which means that I’m always working remotely … Read More

25 Kids’ Gifts Under $20

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Birthdays are a time of celebration, right? Your kids probably cheer at the never-ending party invitations that appear in the mailbox. But let’s be honest: With every party invite comes the stress of finding another cool gift for another kid. Instead of scrambling at … Read More

7 Gifts for the Dad Who Needs Nothing, Wants Nothing

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My husband, Chris, hates stuff. He has always hated stuff. And now that I try out every product I write about and our house is overrun with products that are in various states of testing, he probably hates stuff even … Read More

Pop Rocks – 30 Father’s Day Gifts Under $100

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It’s always challenging trying to pick out the perfect Father’s Day gift. Not a huge, insurmountable, running-the-New-York-Marathon challenge but difficult nonetheless. It can take months to figure out what to give my Dad and my husband but not this year! … Read More

28 Ways to Wow Mom For Under $100!

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Does your mom love it when you get creative or is she a stickler for tradition? I found 28 fabulous presents—all under $100—to suit every mom, whether she likes sparkle or the spa. Under $25 Mom’s One Line a Day … Read More

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