4/20 Cannabis – Infused Beauty Products

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4/20 Cannabis – Infused Beauty Products


Long gone are the days when public hysteria surrounded a certain leafy plant (cannabis). Today, 23 states and the District of Columbia have legalized marijuana in some form or another—mostly for medical use, but four states have given the green light for recreational use. The times, they are most definitely a-changin’.

We all know about “wacky tobaccy,” but what’s the difference between marijuana, hemp and cannabis? Marijuana (bred to be wacky) and hemp (bred for reasons not involving intoxication) are forms of the cannabis plant, which, it turns out, has many health and beauty benefits. Not too shockingly, there’s been an influx of cosmetics and even foods that contain this controversial ingredient. For the most part, the products I’ve found contain hemp oil or hempseed extract, both of which boast high levels of protein and omega-3 fatty acids. Some brands are even having fun with the familiar scent of Mary Jane.

Here are my favorite hemp and marijuana-inspired products:



Hemp seed oil

Certified Organic Hemp Seed Oil ($21.99) at Amazon

This oil will provide moisture and nourish the face, hair and body, but what I really like about it is that it can be used on oily skin and, unlike many other oils, will not clog pores.



Hemp foot cream


The Body Shop Hemp Foot Protector ($18) at Amazon

Fabulous for extra-dry skin, this rich and lightly scented cream hydrates, moisturizes and soothes courtesy of fair trade hempseed oil (from plants grown in England), shea butter and vitamin E.



Gnarly Whale Natural Makeup Remover














Gnarly Whale Natural Makeup Remover ($8) at The Gnarly Whale

If you’re been on the hunt for a natural makeup remover, this is the one. It’s handmade, vegan and contains just eight ingredients, including hemp, jojoba, olive and coconut oils, which gently dissolve makeup while also moisturizing the skin.




aubrey hemp

Aubrey Organics Lip Balm ($4.95) at Amazon

This extra-moist lip balm utilizes organic ingredients like hempseed, rose hip, coconut and jojoba seed oils to nourish and soften dry lips. Buy it in a variety of yummy flavors, including vanilla and honey, peppermint and tea tree, and tangerine.



hemp shampoo

Nature’s Gate Hemp Shampoo ($14.99) at Amazon

This creamy shampoo is an excellent cleanser for dry or frizzy hair. The combination of hempseed oil, panthenol, soy protein and milk thistle will leave locks gently cleansed and soft and smooth. There’s also an accompanying conditioner that’s very nice as well.



Naturelle Hemp Firm Hold Gel at Drugstore.com


Naturelle Hemp Firm Hold Gel ($7.49) at Drugstore.com

Void of alcohol, this versatile hair gel contains hempseed extract to nourish the hair as well as silicones for excellent humidity control. The formula will prevent your color-treated hair from fading and won’t result in flaking.

Dope on a Rope

Blueberry Kush Dope on a Rope ($9.99) 

Although this quirky soap looks like a novelty item, it’s actually good for your skin thanks to moisturizing hempseed oil and shea butter. Plus, you can hang the soap by its rope, so it won’t pick up gross bacteria from the tub.

Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps 18-in-1 Hemp Citrus Soap ($15.99) at Amazon

This super-concentrated wash contains hemp extract along with jojoba, coconut and castile oils. You can use it on everything from your face to your scalp. Because the formula is certified organic, it’s great for camping trips that require bathing in the wild. Several fragrances are available, including peppermint, lavender, organic rose and “mild” (for babies). You can also grab the formula in bar form.



Malin + Goetz Cannabis Hand & Body Wash at Barneys New York


Malin + Goetz Cannabis Hand & Body Wash ($22) at Barney’s New York

If you want a product with a sexy, peppery, marijuana-esque scent, this wash is a must-try. It contains amino acid–based agents to thoroughly cleanse the skin without drying, stripping or irritating.  The fragrance is smoky, sultry and not remotely hippie at all. And if you want to fill your home with this awesome scent, grab a candle ($52 at Barney’s New York).



Demeter Fragrance Library Cannabis Scent at Scenting.com

Demeter Fragrance Library Cannabis Scent ($32.95) at Amazon

Let your cannabis flag fly! At first spritz, this scent really does smell like the “finest green,” but in a few minutes, it dries down to a subtle earthy and spicy floral reminiscent of the cannabis flower—not the dried green stuff that one smokes. The Demeter credo? “Smell it. Don’t smoke it.”



Some people are calling hemp the new flax. Hempseed’s oil is high in protein (second only to the soybean) and contains fiber and nine essential amino acids as well as vitamin E.

Now, don’t go running off to grow your own plants to eat—because that would be illegal—but you can find hemp food products at your grocery store or online. My latest discoveries are Hemp Milks ($7.99 at Daily Greens) andNature’s Path Organic Hemp Plus Granola ($4.59 at Vitacost). The Hemp Milks come in three varieties (Enlighten, Symmetry and Replenish), which contain ingredients like hemp, vanilla, cocoa, blue-green algae, coconut nectar and spinach. In addition to hempseeds, the non-GMO Nature’s Path Granola contains a tasty mix of flaxseeds, oats, molasses and cane juice.

Daily Greens Hemp Milk (left) and Nature’s Path Organic Hemp Plus Granola

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