Morris on Money, Episode 20, Smart Shopping with Trae Bodge

Thrilled to be the featured expert on the Morris on Money podcast, Smart Shopping with Trae Bodge, with Alison Morris. If you’re not listening to Morris on Money already, I would highly recommend that you add it to your rotation. Alison … Read More

20 Affordable Valentine’s Day Gifts for Children

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Decadent dinner? Check. Chocolate-covered strawberries? Done. Champagne for a romantic evening with your partner? Check. But what do you give the kids who make your heart burst with love every day? Here are 20 budget-friendly presents that will make it a Valentine’s … Read More

10 Retirement Savings and 401K Questions, Answered

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Congrats—you have a new job! Now you need to thumb through that huge new employee benefits packet. One of the more confusing elements is the 401K and retirement savings. We asked finance experts to break them down for us. What … Read More

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