New Tech For the Ladies

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Let’s get techie! Ring in the New Year with some hot new tech devices that will help streamline your life. I telecommute and travel frequently and I can’t tell you how many times my phone has been out of juice … Read More

Health & Beauty Essentials for the New Year

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So we made it! The holidays are over and we can start fresh. I wanted to share some health & beauty essentials to start the year off right. Let’s start with our faces: MDSUN Super Hydration B Serum at If you have not … Read More

4 Ways to Still Win the Holiday Shopping Season

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The holidays are over … now what? You feel like you’ve been giving for months, but the end of holiday shopping means a respite from giving (your annual charitable contributions being the exception). Now it’s time to focus on returning … Read More

Beauty Stocking Stuffers

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Just because you’re buying stocking stuffers doesn’t mean the gift has to be a throwaway. Here are TEN amazing beauty goodies that deliver big beauty benefits but are tiny enough for the stocking.      For the full scoop, click here to visit

10 Last-Minute Gift Ideas

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That sinking feeling in your stomach is not because you devoured an entire burrito at lunch today, it’s because you have done it again. You have waited until the 11th hour to shop for holiday gifts. Don’t worry, though, all … Read More

Last Minute Gift Ideas

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For all you procrastinators out there – all is not lost.  Today, I hit the airwaves nationwide to share some of my favorite last-minute gift ideas. Amazon Dash Buttons We all love Amazon and know it’s a great online store for … Read More

12 Great Gifts for Couples

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How many people do you have to buy for this holiday season? As our families grow so do our gift lists, and sometimes a little trimming is necessary to save and stay on budget. Here’s a thought — rather than buying … Read More

Holiday Glam — Glitter Makeup

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Guests will all be trying to out-glam each other at those holiday parties. Be the glam-est of all with these beauty standouts! For the full scoop, click here to visit

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