12 No-Fail Secret Santa Gifts

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Don’t let the “elephant in the room” be that you notoriously give crappy Secret Santa gifts to co-workers! Yes, these presents can be tricky. The combination of the $25-ish spending cap and the anonymity aspect make for shaky ground for even the savviest of shoppers. But the 12 presents below are practical and fun, so I promise they will combat any disappointment you or your officemates might encounter.

Suck UK House Shaped Key HolderNow your co-worker has no excuse for being late to work because of lost keys.

Suck UK House Shaped Key Holder ($14.58) at Amazon
I love Suck UK for its tongue-in-cheek products. This key holder is a prime example. Larry from the cubicle across the way can mount it to a wall near his front or back door, and put his keys in it every time he arrives home. Result: No more frantic morning searches for keys!



Travelrest Memory Foam Neck PillowConsider this your apology gift for being such a pain in the neck!

Travelrest Memory Foam Neck Pillow ($16.95) at Travelrest
Sleeping on the plane shouldn’t be a pain. This fabulous memory foam pillow is super comfy and has drawstrings, so the user can customize the fit and tie the pillow to a suitcase.



Acrylic Purple Edge Revolving Desk OrganizerHere’s a polite way to encourage them to clean up the clutter on their desk.

Acrylic Purple Edge Revolving Desk Organizer ($14.99) at Staples
For the messy co-worker, this sleek and well-designed organizer has a spot for all the random bits, such as scissors, tape, pens and paper clips.



Kinivo ZX100 Mini Portable SpeakerIf your office is open to music on Friday afternoons, this portable speaker is ready to jam!

Kinivo ZX100 Mini Portable Speaker ($18.99) at Amazon
Don’t let this pint-size speaker fool you. Unscrew the top to experience up to six hours of bigsound! The cord, which can be used in any standard headphone jack, nestles conveniently under the body of the speaker.



Satechi SX5 Aluminum Portable Energy StationEveryone can use a little juice. Plus, this will take care of that person who is always asking to borrow your charger.

Satechi SX5 Aluminum Portable Energy Station ($19.99) at Amazon
This tiny charger barely takes up any space in a backpack or briefcase, but it can charge a smartphone a few times over. It also has a handy flashlight, perfect for lighting the way if someone stays too late at work.



Lifefactory Cobalt Wine GlassesSalut! Your wine-loving bud will enjoy these grippy cups all year long.

Lifefactory Cobalt Wine Glasses (set of two for $19) at Wine.com
They’ll never worry about “butterfingers” again with these drop-proof silicone-coated stemless wine glasses.



Chef’n Pop Top Microwave Popcorn PopperMay we suggest this for the co-worker who is always making popcorn in the office?

Chef’n Pop Top Microwave Popcorn Popper ($19.95) at Williams-Sonoma
This silicone popper makes healthy snacking easy. It will be the end of a greasy pre-packaged era.



Cold Brew Coffee Infusion Bottle secret santaIf you can’t give them booze, at least satisfy their other craving: caffeine.

Cold Brew Coffee Infusion Bottle ($19.99) at ThinkGeek
Joe enthusiasts around the country love cold brew coffee, but they’re also paying several bucks for it at the local barista. The Cold Brew Coffee Infusion Bottle makes coffee overnight in the fridge for pennies, and the result is a caffeine-packed, low-acid bottle of portable goodness.

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Sosu Variety PackSriracha is legendary, and anyone who likes to spice things up will cherish this gift.

Sosu Variety Pack ($23) at Sosu Sauces
Sriracha is still the flavor du jour, and these California-made condiments are dee-lish.  The pack comes with three tasty sauces: Barrel-Aged Sriracha, Srirachup (the company’s proprietary blend of house-made ketchup) and Sriracha Barrel-Aged Hot Sauce.



TileHonestly, the Tile makes losing things kind of fun. Your techy, forgetful friend will love it.

Tile ($25) at Tile
For the forgetful (that’s all of us, isn’t it?), this tiny gadget will be a lifesaver. It can be attached to whatever item is misplaced the most, from keys to wallets. Once the item is misplaced, the free Tile app uses the Bluetooth and GPS on smart devices to locate the item and display the location on a map. Tile is also social; other Tile users can anonymously help each other locate items in 214 countries!



Number 4 Essentials Jet Set secret santaFor the person who is always traveling, this collection is oh-so fly. Their hair will thank you, too!

Number 4 Essentials Jet Set ($25, available soon)
They shouldn’t have to settle for mysterious private-label products when they travel! This set of luxurious unisex hair products contains all the essentials for hair grooming on the go: shampoo, hair mask, leave-in conditioner and brush, all packaged in a cool striped paper pouch.



If I Do Say So Myself NotebookWho says note-taking can’t be fun? At least a nice design gives you somethin’ to look at in meetings!

If I Do Say So Myself Notebook ($22) at Kate Spade
This unisex notebook has more than 150 pages for their thoughts, and the black leatherette finish, gold foil accents and ribbon bookmark will look great on a desk!