7 Hair Gadgets to Make Styling Easier

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Whether you have a well-behaved mane or crazy hair with it’s own zip code like mine, we all need a few essential tools to achieve the look we like. Here are 7 hair gadgets to make styling easier.

All Caps The Cap

Hair Gadgets - all-caps-cap

This hair protection cap is a BIG step up from your classic drugstore cap. First, there’s a ton of room in it, so those of you with lots of hair no longer need to cram your hair in.  The cap can be gently tightened around the hairline allowing  you to do an overnight  treatment without ruining your pillowcase. It’s soft, waterproof, static-free, washable, and it comes with its own storage pouch for travel. 

Price: $52 at AllCapsHair.com

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