The Hottest Toys of 2018


Every September, the big toy retailers and toy associations announce their predictions for the years’ top hottest toys.  Many of … Read More

15 Game-Changing Beauty Products


Let’s face it, we’ve become accustomed to being disappointed, or at least underwhelmed, by products and tools that are meant … Read More

Skin Cancer Awareness Month – Affordable Sun Care For the Whole Family

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Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the US… …with more than 3.3 million people diagnosed each … Read More

420 Cannabis-Infused Products


Long gone are the days when public hysteria surrounded a certain leafy plant (cannabis). Today, according to, 30 states … Read More

Your Budget-Friendly Spring Cleaning Shopping List


Here’s Your Budget-Friendly Spring Cleaning Shopping List It’s been a long winter, and hibernating has not done us any favors — … Read More

Valentine’s Day Gifts Under $50


Valentine’s Day Gifts Under $50 We’re talking about love so you want to go all out, but the new spending … Read More

New Loves: Minimalist Makeup


On those days when I want to look fresh and put together, but not “made up”, I find myself turning … Read More

New Loves – Good to the Last Drop


This month’s post is all about products I love so much that I’m scraping the bottom. While finishing a product … Read More

New Loves – Soft, Smooth Skin Edition


This month is all about soft, smooth skin. The summer does a number so the struggle is real. Skin Authority Brightening … Read More

Beauty & the Beast – Skin Care and Makeup (yes, makeup) for Men


People, it’s 2017, and that means it’s okay for men to take care of themselves using more than a bar … Read More

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