How to Get a Refund on Almost Anything

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Written by Felissa Benjamin Allard Whether you got a gift you’re not thrilled with or just experienced buyer’s remorse, here’s how to get a refund on just about anything.

Learn how to get a refund on almost anything! Here's how to get your money back in stores and online! #refund #storerefund #storereturn #howto

Do your refund research first

Before walking into a store with a return, do some research about that store’s return and exchange policies. Trae Bodge, a smart shopping expert, says it’s important to familiarize yourself with each store’s individual policy since all stores have different ones. The United States has no federal laws saying that stores must give customers a refund, and as such, return policies vary greatly by store. Some stores are more likely to give you your money back; others will offer store credit or a replacement for the item. Be prepared and keep an open mind about what you’ll receive for your return. But the next time you go to make a return, try these tricks that are sure to boost your chances of getting your money back. Or, shop at the stores with the absolute best return policies.

If you bought it…and then it went on sale

You purchased that must-have item as soon as you saw it. But then, a few days later, you went back to the store…and noticed that it was on sale. Great. Luckily, you don’t have to throw your arms up in aggravation and accept your fate! Check to see if the store you purchased the item from offers a “price adjustment refund”; many do. Unfortunately, though, you may only have a certain number of days to get this price adjustment—and it may be fewer days than the regular return policy allows. So make sure to do your research. You may also have to return the item and buy it again at the sale price, rather than simply getting the difference in money handed right to you… but hey, that’s still the same amount of money going back into your pocket. Read on for the secret store policies that can save you lots of money.

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