New Loves:

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I’m always on the hunt for new, cool shopping tools and my latest discovery is ShopRunner. I’ve been enjoying using it so I wanted to share more details in case you wanted to give it a test run!


What is it?

ShopRunner is new shopping service that offers its members free 2-day shipping and free returns at over 140 stores, like Neiman Marcus and EBags. You can browse the ShopRunner site for deals, or shop online and check out as you normally would and take advantage of the free 2-day shipping and free returns at participating sites.


My favorite feature

Once you’re a member, when you’re signed in to ShopRunner their logo automatically appears as you shop at sites they are partnered with, letting you know that you can enjoy your membership benefits of free 2-Day shipping and free returns. I love benefits that I don’t have to think about!


Who it’s good for

Regular online shoppers who like deals but also like fast shipping and easy returns will love ShopRunner. Even if you have Amazon Prime like I do, ShopRunner is a good supplement because their benefits apply to other online retailers, where Amazon Prime is only for


How much does it cost?

An annual membership is $79, and they have a 30-day trial to check it out. Also, ShopRunner is free for Amex cardholders!


Room for Improvement

ShopRunner is fairly new, so I look forward to their membership benefits extending to more retailers. I love that the membership fee is free for me as an Amex user, but it would be great if Visa or MasterCard members could enjoy the benefits for free as well.