New Tech For the Ladies

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Let’s get techie! Ring in the New Year with some hot new tech devices that will help streamline your life.

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I telecommute and travel frequently and I can’t tell you how many times my phone has been out of juice and I have forgotten my changing cables! The Okray Charging Bracelet ($22 for pack of 6 – I got mine for under $8!) at Amazon will ensure that you’ll never forget your charging/synching cables again. These cute bracelets are available in micro USB or Lightning so you’ve got the lion’s share of your devices covered. I mix them with my other bracelets and they look great!

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Now that it’s (finally) chilly, hand protection is a must but you don’t have to compromise access to your smartphone. Most “texting gloves” only give you screen access with one or two fingers, but these UR Powered Leather Texting Gloves ($58-$75) at UR Powered are completely microconductive, which means that they give you full 5-finger access for zooming, multi-finger typing and more.

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Imagine having your credit & debit cards, gift cards and loyalty cards all in one slim card! The Coin 2.0 ($99) at holds all the necessary data, which you enter through the free app and tiny swiper that you attach to your smartphone. When you’re in-store and ready to check out, just use your special tapping code to unlock and select which card you want to use. You can also earn rewards as you shop! And you’ll always be up to date with the latest Coin technology because it receives updates through the cloud so you always have the latest technology.

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Most of us don’t drink enough liquids, but the Pryme Vessyl ($99) at Apple Store will keep you on track. Taking a number of factors into account, like height, weight, sleep, and even physical activity (if you pair it with your fitness tracker like the Jawbone UP and Healthkit), it evaluates your need for hydration during the day via the app that is paired with your iDevice. As you sip, you can see how you’re progressing throughout the day.

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Despite regular brushing and flossing, my hygienist used to groan when I showed up for my appointments – tarter! But since I have been using a Philips Sonicare power toothbrush on my teeth, she is happy to see me! I love their new Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Amethyst Edition ($189.95) at Walmart in this gorgeous Amethyst color. Charge it in the chic charging glass that you can also use as a water glass, or on-the-go in with the USB charging case. This magical device will give you whiter teeth in just one week and improves gum health in two!