So your little bird has left the nest. Whether you’re in mourning or enjoying the quiet, perhaps it’s time to turn their room into the haven you’ve always wanted. Sure, you could take the posters down, touch up the paint and use it as guest room, but how about a man cave or a home gym? The possibilities are endless! Here are six ideas to get you started.


But first…

To avoid upsetting “the kid”, inform them of your plans before you start the transformation. Be respectful of any objections they may have, but stay firm. It is your house after all! Next time they visit, have them go through their things. Encourage them to take what they can and offer to store the rest, if you have the space. And make sure there’s always a place for them to stay when they visit so they don’t feel like they’ve been swept aside!


Home Gym

Are you using your busy schedule as an excuse to skip the gym? A home gym is a fantastic solution – it’s right there so no more excuses! You’ll need to invest in some equipment, like weights, an all-purpose machine and/or cardio machine, a mat, etc. Swap out your teens’ emoji curtains for a pair of noise- and light-canceling curtains. Add a few mirrors and rubber tiled floors, too.


Have you always wanted a peaceful place to read at home? Bring in some bookshelves and fill them with those boxes of books you’ve been keeping in the basement. If you’re low on books, decorate the shelves with knickknacks and insert books as you acquire them.

Man Cave (or Woman Cave)

If you’re the man of the house and you’re craving your own space, perhaps a Man Cave is the way to go. Painting the walls a dark color and adding a flatscreen TV, a comfy couch or reclining chair, stools and a small counter are good for starters.

Zen Room

Perhaps you need a room to escape from it all, where you can meditate and unwind. Other rooms in your home may offer too many distractions, so this room should be spare and painted a light, soft color. Add a comfortable place to sit and any other elements that help you feel calm.

See, an empty nest isn’t such a bad thing after all!


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