Trade shows are one of the best places to discover the latest not-to-be-missed products and trends. NY Now, the largest fair of its kind, is one of my go-to’s because it’s packed to the gills with beautiful goods for your home, your child, your life. Naturally, I was delighted to be asked by the NY Now team to take a deep dive into the Lifestyle section of the show, which features over 1,000 brands divided into Baby + Child, Gift, Personal Accessories and Personal Care + Wellness.

As I explored the floor, several trends emerged:


Natural Elements

Items in this category feature images and materials plucked from nature. From apparel to accessories, these items feel earthy, grounded and just a little bit wild. MooMoo Designs, an accessories brand out of Atlanta, GA, embodies this trend with items like jewelry and serving pieces crafted from repurposed horn, bones and animal skins. One of my other favorites was Grace Gow, a jeweler from the Seattle area. She creates metal pendants, chunky rings and other pieces in the form of barnacles, shells and crab claws. Beautiful.



If the Lifestyle floor at NY Now is any indication, 2016 will be a fun year! Everywhere I turned, I found booths practically exploding with pops of color and humor. Dreams6 was one of my favorites, with the popular collectible, Sonny Angel and their collection of Coink piggy banks. I also had a great time exploring all the Japanese-inspired kitchen utensils and toys from DCI Gift, and the brightly colored makeup bags from Lolo Bag.


Activities for Adults

When we’re not working, caring for our families or binge-watching Netflix series’, we are turning to activities like knitting, collecting and the latest must-do activity, coloring. I started hearing about the adult coloring trend around the holidays and it is still going strong. So strong, in fact, that the stationary and book aisles at NY Now were littered with intricate coloring books. Peter Pauper Press, a third-generation paper goods company, had a beautiful array of books filled with detailed designs, offering hours of creative-driven relaxation.


Be sure to register soon for NY NOW summer market show, August 20-24, 2016 to discover the hottest trends in LIFESTYLE. You don’t want to miss it!