Tips for a More Affordable Wedding 


You’ve heard the rumors about how expensive weddings can be – now you’re experiencing it firsthand. Whether you’re fortunate enough to have family members who are footing the bill or you’re scraping the cash together on your own, there are many ways to cut costs without feeling like you’ve made sacrifices.


  1. The venue

If you absolutely must get married on a spring or summer weekend, prepare to pay top dollar for the venue. Alternately, you can save a lot if you get married outside of this prime window, even on a Friday evening.


  1. Cocktail hour

The cocktail hour can cost a fortune, but there are ways to shave a lot off of that price tag. Two of my favorite are opting for food displays rather than passed food and limiting the variety of drinks, i.e. going for beer, wine and a specialty cocktail instead of a full, top-shelf bar.


  1. Lighting/Décor

Many venues will let you handle some or all of the decorating to keep your costs low. It will be a bit of work, but the savings are worth it! Look for string lights, candles and vases in bulk to save on unit prices. The bonus is that you’ll own these items afterward so you can use them for parties down the road.


4. The dress
The dress can eat up a big part of your budget, but there are ways to shop smart. Be open to vintage or consigned dresses, or even dresses that aren’t specifically for the bride. Bridesmaids’ and formal dresses are usually priced less than a wedding gown and can be just as special.


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