Spring Cleaning – You & Me in the Morning, WCIU Chicago

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Spring is the perfect time of the year to start fresh! Here are a few tips to help you knock your spring cleaning out of the park this year!


Skip the Elbow Grease

You know your home needs a deep clean, but rather than using your own elbow grease, I recommend a mechanized scrubber, like the Metapo PS150 Cordless Portable Power Scrubber ($53.99 at Overstock.com). This portable, waterproof gadget will tackle those hard-to-clean areas, like your kitchen backsplash, bathroom tub & tiles, carpet stains, barbecue grill, outdoor furniture…even your car. Everything will sparkle and you’ll barely break a sweat.


You want your laundry to look and smell amazing, but so many detergents under deliver. My new favorite detergent, Persil ProClean Power-Liquid 2-in-1 ($5.50 for 40oz 20 loads at Walmart & Grocers nationwide. PersilProClean.com for locations) is rated #1 (by a consumer testing publication), beating Tide, which has held the spot for years. It’s new to the US but is #1 in several European countries. You will love the exceptional stain fighting, whiteness and freshness. Once you try it, you’ll have to have it again!


Protect What is Precious

Your house may look clean but the air may not be. We actually spend 90% of our time indoors and indoor air quality can be up to 5x worse than outdoor air quality. The new Dyson Pure Cool Link ($499.99 at Dyson.com) is an app-connected, intelligent purifier that measures the air quality in your home while automatically removing the pollutants it detects. It’s so smart that it can track air quality history, so you can begin to see the kinds of things that cause your indoor air pollution levels to spike
Now let’s talk about clutter…As you’re sorting through your papers, place the important documents in a tough, watertight case like the military grade iM260 Pelican Storm Travel Case ($308 – visit Pelican.com for dealers). The high-performance HPX™ polymer construction will protect all your documents, giving you one less thing to worry about in the event of an emergency. I love that it has wheels so it can be moved easily if need be.



It’s time to store away those sweaters and bring out the sundresses, which is also a perfect time to clear out the clutter. Sell gently used clothes you no longer wear via an app like Poshmark. Take a pic and post – it’s that easy. You’ll make space and earn some cash (you can also shop what other’s post, but we’re talking about cleaning today!).


And for unwanted things, like extra dishes, working appliances you no longer use and other household items, arrange a pickup from your local Big Brothers Big Sisters or the United War Veterans Council. They’ll pick everything up and leave a tax-deductible receipt. You’ll feel good knowing your items are being used by families in need.