Spring Cleaning Your Life

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From cleaning and organizing your home to eating healthier, spring is the perfect time of the year to start fresh!

Spring Clean Your Home:

You know your home needs a deep clean, but rather than using your own elbow grease, I recommend a mechanized scrubber, like the Metapo PS150 Cordless Portable Power Scrubber ($53.99) from Overstock.com. This portable, waterproof gadget will tackle those hard-to-clean areas, like your kitchen backsplash, bathroom tub & tiles, carpet stains, barbecue grill, outdoor furniture…even your car. Everything will sparkle and you’ll barely break a sweat.


Spring Clean Your Closet:

It’s time to find a place for everything. For those items that don’t have homes, I like the clever storage solutions from Honey-Can-Do at JCPenney. They create endless options for the space-challenged, providing a way to keep shoes organized, to compress big bulky items and even create a closet where there isn’t one!


Honey Can Do Set of 3 Shoe Storage Tubes ($16.99)

Honey Can Do 3-Pack Vacuum-Sealed Storage Bags ($30)

Honey Can Do Wardrobe & Storage Closet ($32.99) all at JCPenney


Spring Clean Your Desk:

We all have a ton of devices, but no designated place to put them. The Satechi 7-Port USB Charging Station Dock ($54.99) from Walmart is a docking station for all your small devices, from tablets to wireless headphones, charging up to seven at a time. You always know where your devices are and they don’t take up valuable real estate.


Photo albums and movies from weddings, vacations and births are all over the house, fading on the shelves. Clear out the clutter and bring them into the digital age with Legacy Republic (prices vary – example pricing starts at $34.99 per photo album). Send in what you have and receive digital ebooks or Data DVD’s that you can share with everyone.


Spring Clean Your Body:

Spring cleaning isn’t just about cleaning up your house, it’s an opportunity to clean up your diet, too. Cut out the preservatives and artificial ingredients and start eating clean by selecting organic foods, like low-calorie and protein rich House Foods organic/non-GMO tofu ($1.99-$2.49) with is available at www.house-foods.com or grocers like Giant Eagle in the DC area. It’s made from U.S.-grown soybeans that are GMO-free, and it’s so versatile that it can be breaded and baked, stir fried and more.


General Spring Tips:

  • If you’re storing away sweaters, be sure to put some cedar balls or lavender sachets in with them. They’ll prevent moths and make your clothes smell great.
  • From now until tax time, commit 15 minutes each weekend to get your financial papers in order to avoid tax time crunch.
  • Have a big project to tackle, like a messy basement? Use the 15 minute-a-weekend approach rather than doing it all at once. It will be SO much more pleasant!
  • If you have allergies, make it a priority to clean your vacuum filters. And be sure to use mattress covers to keep dust mites at bay!